Preston, NV and Uncle Neil

Jacob Deed of Rich Patch, Alleghany Co., VA–Hook Family Cemetery

This may be the only proof that Jacob Deed ever lived…note all the words ending with ‘ed’ (Deed, died, aged)…they threw me at first…especially since there is a tree growing into this very small stone on the right…

Deed died
July the 6
1820 aged 47

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Kimberlin & Persinger Family Alleghany Co., VA

Christina Kimberlin’s sister Mary is probably buried next to her husband Jacob Persinger in this cemetery. He was stolen by the Indians as a 3 year old from this part of Virginia (then Botetourt county now Alleghany county) and only returned at the age of 10 because of a peace treaty. When he and Mary Kimberlin were married he wanted her to live in a TeePee.

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